[Si voleu explicar a algun estranger que no entengui ni el català ni el castellà, què és la campanya “Signa un Vot”].

The “Sign for a vote” campaign set up 400 tables around Catalonia on Saturday and Sunday to help residents to exercise their ‘right to petition’

Three thousand volunteers set up tables in 400 cities and towns all over Catalonia in order to educate citizens about the ‘right to petition’ and to help them exercise that right. Many of the local Barcelona chapters of the Catalan National Assembly left their neighborhoods on Saturday to set up around the central Plaça Catalunya square in Barcelona from 10am until 9pm, but volunteers will return to local districts on Sunday from 10am until 2pm.

Volunteers said there had been a steady stream of people signing throughout the day with one table claiming it had collected more than 600 signatures. Authorized representatives carefully verify citizen’s data—with their ID card or passport—to ensure that only one signature is taken from each person. “We have to do this right,” said one volunteer.

Xavier Muñoz was interviewed in the VilaWeb newsroom on Friday and explained the ‘Sign for a Vote’ campaign [Signa un vot, in Catalan]. The campaign aims to use the right to petition—which Muñoz says is recognized not only by the Spanish Constitution and Catalan law but by most constitutions in the world—to demand the right to hold a referendum on independence. If the Spanish government refuses to allow such a vote, the petition asks, and indeed authorizes, the members of the Catalan Parliament to declare Catalonia’s independence.

Muñoz is a lawyer and legal scholar and also a volunteer with the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), the organizing group behind the Sign for a vote campaign. He says that the ANC is a completely grass-roots organization, receiving no funding at all from the government. He says the ANC’s relationship with the Catalan government is one of support but also pressure, pushing it towards independence. Muñoz will manned a Sign for the vote table in Santa Coloma de Farners, near the town of Girona.

Video de l’entrevista:

Font: Vilaweb.

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